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RATEMYCOP.com is a privately-held company based in Los Angeles. The website allows registered users to leave written feedback about their interactions with police officers, and rank the officer's service based on three criteria: Professionalism, Fairness and Satisfaction.

Privately, citizens share stories about their interactions with law enforcement officers every day. The concept of a website where people can share such information was born out of one such conversation.

In September of 2007, RATEMYCOP.com founders decided to create an online forum for citizens to voice both their praise and criticism of policeofficers. Public records request letters were sent to law enforcement agencies across the nation, asking for the names and identifying numbers of the officers who do not require anonymity in their line of work. The letter asked only for the information that would be written on a ticket to identify the issuing officer.

In response, piles of mail flooded in and the lists of officers provided by various agencies were added to a steadily growing database. By the time the website went live on February 28, 2008, over 1000 letters had been sent by RATEMYCOP.com and the company had accumulated over 120,000 names of officers nationwide.

Word of the site spread like wildfire and even before the first feedback was posted, the site founders conducted interviews with several prime time news programs, talk radio shows and newspapers. There was buzz.  By week's end, over 50,000 people had visited the site from 40 countries around the globe.RATEMYCOP.com was off and running.

Prior to the launch of RATEMYCOP.com, people had no way to provide feedback about officers who are being paid by tax dollars. It is the hope of the site's founders that citizens and departments alike will use this powerful tool as a way of monitoring police performance. Officers who do their job well will receive the public attention they deserve. So will the dishonorable few who try to hide misconduct behind the power of their badge.

Now you can participate. The next time you have an encounter with a police officer, please feel free to responsibly rate your cop according to the three standards of performance offered on the site. You may also browse the rankings and feedback provided by citizens for officers in departments all over the nation.

You have the right to remain informed.
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