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RateMyCop launched the website by sending out over 1,000 letters to police departments around the country requesting officer information. Unfortunately, there are nearly 18,000 departments in the United States. If your local department is missing you can help us by sending a similar letter, to your local department, requesting their officer names.

Here is an example of the letter that we sent:


Department Name


City, ST, Zipcode

Open Records Request

I am writing with a public records request.

I’d like a list of the names and employee ID numbers for all of the current patrol officers working at your Police Department. I am only interested in what is already public information—what would be written on a traffic ticket to identify the issuing officer. This way neither the officers, nor their families, are in jeopardy.

No information on private detectives, undercover officers, or officers who require anonymity is being requested.

This information will be used for a website called Our primary goal is to build an active forum where the public can work cooperatively with law enforcement to identify and resolve issues before they affect the livability of a district. Citizens can discreetly provide information to their local police force and share the variety of personal accounts had with individual officers. All are encouraged to spend time and effort developing and maintaining personal relationships in order to reinforce trust and a safe community.

Let me assure you, is not an anti-cop site in any way. Comments are actively monitored, preventing any that seem inappropriate from becoming public. Officers (and only the officers) will be able to reply to comments involving them if they chose to do so.

Again, I am simply asking for what is already public information—the names and employee ID numbers of every patrol officer working for your department. No information on officers who may require anonymity is being requested.

I understand that this process may have a fee, which I am willing to pay. Getting this information in a digital (Excel) format would be ideal.

Thank you very much.

Simply copy and paste the text above to make your own letter or click on the link above to download or print or mail this letter. Once you have these names you can enter them into RATEMYCOP yourself or send us the digital (Excel) file and we will import the names for you.

Thank you for supporting RATEMYCOP and your local community.

You are not authorized to Submit New Officers. Please register first.
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